By the Blade is now available

I am happy to announce that By the Blade is finally available for kindle and print.

Love it or hate it, please write a review!



4 thoughts on “By the Blade is now available

  1. Hey David! I loved taming the elements! I didn’t even realise that the second book was out because Goodreads does not show it as a book in the same series. Maybe you can fix that?

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    • I contacted Goodreads, and they say it is tagged as Elwin Chronicles now. From the author’s dashboard, it shows By the Blade as a book in the series. Please let me know if there is still a problem!


  2. I liked the book but I was hoping the errors would be reduced in Blade as opposed to Taming. Mostly words that can be spelled 2 different ways: road/rode, hear/here, etc… The editor needs to look a little closer, or get some beta readers.


    • We strive to remove all grammatical faux pas, but clearly we missed a few.

      So far, my readers have found 2 homonyms that my editors missed. I would greatly appreciate knowing of any more errors that you saw!

      Thanks for reading! 🙂


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