There are many changes coming up for me, but I am long overdue for an update. Currently, I am sitting in a cafe in Sydney, Australia going over my notes for the rest of the Elwin Escari series. I have been promoting the first 2 books. It is going very well, and I am excited about moving forward with Elwin’s journey.

Mastering the Elements is in the capable hands of content editors. When they finish, they will get the manuscript back to me for changes. Barring no revisions, this process can take a few months. Then there will be line editing. The cover is also being finalized. After all of this, I will get the finished book to you!

While Volume II of Elwin’s story is in the hands of others, I am revising Volume III outline again (name intentionally left out) and reworking Volumes IV and V to reflect these modifications. Overall, I am very pleased with the direction the characters are taking us, and I cannot wait to get more to you.

I know this was brief, but I think most of you agree, I need to get back to work! As always, thanks for reading!!