David Ekrut was raised in a small community in Arkansas, where the abundance of nature fostered his imagination. Whether lost in a book, table-top gaming, or roaming the countryside from coast to coast, expanding his mind inevitably led him to the craft of writing. Only in the infinite workspace of heartfelt creativity has he ever felt any sense of freedom.

Ekrut holds degrees in Liberal Arts-Theatre from Arkansas State University, both a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science in Applied Mathematics from the University of Central Arkansas, and a Master’s in Biomedical Mathematics from Florida State University with a Ph.D. in Biomedical Mathematics pending defense of his dissertation.

His scientific expertise aided in creating physically believable fiction with rules and structure to bring his universe to life.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi David! Hoping you are home safe and sound! We are super excited to discover the Chronicles. I am also inspired to “blank page” rewrite my own creation. Thanks for that recommendation. I’ll see where it leads (trash or treasure?). Thanks for chatting with us on the flight home from LAX, We will have our future biomedical engineer check out UT and stop by your department. If you and your family are ever driving north on IH35 and need a home-cooked Texas meal on a bonafide Texas ranch, drop us a line.
    Bill and Tere Grace


    • Hey! Sorry for the delay. I’ve been moving! I would greatly enjoy the adventure of visiting a bonafide Texas ranch and rarely turn down home-cooked meals. You are kind to offer.

      The blank page rewrite is always painful, but it pays immeasurable dividends. Though my readers my begrudge the time it takes between books, the story has greatly benefited from my many rewrites. 🙂


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