Elwin’s world is quite large, and we have only seen a small piece of it in the story so far. In Taming the Elements, we saw the Island Nations and some of Alcoa. By the Blade takes place in the desert nation of Kalicodon.

Where else on the map interests you? Can you guess the cultures from the names? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Let’s talk books!

Who are some of your favorite authors in epic fantasy? I love to write, but I am also an avid reader, so I would like to hear from you. What author or series would you recommend for my next great read?




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By the Blade

The next novel to be released is called “By the Blade.” Although the writing is finished, we are still waiting on final edits and last touches. I’ve been told by my select few beta readers, that this story is worth the wait!

I will give the blurb soon, and sample chapters will follow shortly thereafter.